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    Moving Company Pro Tips

    Looking for moving tips from professional movers? You found them!!

    • Label all of your boxes in LARGE print for easy visibility

    • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes

    • Be sure to double-tape (at least) the bottom of every box

    • Whenever possible, do not pack boxes so full that they can’t be closed and taped; if it can’t be completely closed it can’t be stacked upon

    • If you have some pillows, blankets, or other soft “stuffers” you can leave them loose; stuffers are always useful at some point in packing a truck or pod to fill in small gaps and help make the load more secure 

    • Stack all packed boxes in a central location like the garage or the living room; this will save time on moving day when you or your mover is loading the boxes onto the truck

    • Dismantle the beds and bed frames before your mover shows up; again, this saves time on moving day, which in turn saves you money!

    • On moving day, keep all pets and children away from the actual moving; this will keep everyone safe, including yourself and your movers

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